Thursday, April 2, 2015


The quarterly featured shop for April-May-June is.....

Please explain a little about your shop, what items you sell and what inspired you in your product and shop design?
I'm a fine art photographer. I started as a filmmaker and found a love of still photography while studying cinematography in college. I bought my first still camera and have been shooting ever since. It's very calming to me to shoot, I get the same peace others talk about with yoga and meditation thru photography. And unlike filmmaking and writing, I can think of an idea and see it realized really quickly, or simply be in the right place at the right time when inspiration hits. It's fulfilling to be able to create that way. My subject matter has spanned a wide range over the last twenty years. I have enjoyed people photogrpahy including photojournalism, nature photography, Americana, city architecture, and most recently experimental and abstract photography.

Have you had a positive sellers experience on Etsy?
 I've had all positive experiences so far on Etsy. It's important to me to provide the best product I can, that's why for everything over an 8x10, I use a fine art printer instead of a big box printer. I print on archival photography paper and cold press matte 90% of the time. The difference in quality is night and day. 

 What are your goals for your business short & long term?
My short term goals are to continue growing my etsy shop and launch my website in March or April. Long term, I am working on having my photography shown in galleries this year and planning a trip to Paris to shoot.

How did you come up with your shop name?
 My main photography shop is my name Tiffany Dawn Smith. I have a secondary shop named Peppermint Creek Photo. That shop name came to me where all great ideas are born - the shower. I was thinking about Christmas and hiking and the name was born. I'm working on moving all my softer and pastel photography into Peppermint Creek Photo.

What kind of space do you create in?
I spend about half my time shooting and half my time editing. I edit in my home office with movie soundtracks, tea and my cat on my lap. I shoot just about everywhere I go. I almost always have my camera on me.

 Where are you located?
I just recently relocated to Orange Park, Florida. I've moved over 40 times, but the southwest is where I call home

 Do you ship internationally?
  Of course I ship internationally. :) I love the thought of my photography being in private collections around the world. 

What is your favorite food?
 My favorite foods are popcorn and coffee, but not together. ;)

What are your hobbies?
 I love a great story and am a huge movie fan and reader. I also enjoy travelling and meeting new people. I can't go to a new place without leaving with a new photo and a new friend. 
Please name one of your favorite fellow Team Serenity Shops?
One of my favorite shops from Team Serenity is Danielle Nash's Sailors Ravine Studio. She's an outstanding photographer.

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