Sunday, November 3, 2013

Attention Team Members

I am noticing alot of members who do not participate on this team. As our charter states you must be an active member. I am not asking you to do it everyday but popping in every so often and actively posting in our threads and in our team events. Vanessa and I work extremely hard keeping up with this team. We spend lots of hours updating threads, running events, and keeping in touch with everyone. I sometimes feel overwhelmed with all that I do, but I started this team to help. My goal is for each and every member to pitch in and help each other. Promoting not just your own shop but team shops. Posting on social media, making team treasuries and participating in our trade events. 
In the coming month every membership will be re-evaluated and you will receive a convo regarding your membership. If you are one of our few active members we really appreciate your time and dedication to this team. I have lots in store for our team in the future and need people on board and who want to be active members of this team. I do all these things to benefit our members, help you get sales, and get your shop name out there. I wholeheartedly believe in cross promotion and it does work!! I know for example my 75 Views or a sale game has sold a few items. But you have to participate to have a chance to be featured. 
I am 100% committed to helping this team be stronger and better. The bottom line we need more participation and more shops who want to help and be helped.
I want to remind everyone there is a TRADE EVENT November 8-9th and we are having a really hard time feeling hosts spots. Hosting a 1 hour spot is a wonderful way to get to know team members. Its not hard and all it takes is a one hour commitment. 

I am search of a new LEADER. If you are interested and would like more information on this please convo me and I will let you know specifics. My shop is Harmony5 on etsy.

Remember Christmas is only 51 days away and who wouldn't want some extra sales because you were involved in this team and helped cross promote. 


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