Wednesday, August 29, 2012

An hour with Jennifer of Harmony Designs & Soaps

I recently had the opportunity to interview Jennifer Gammons of Harmony Designs & Soaps  a great artist, designer and shop owner on Etsy. 

A Brief Bio on Jennifer......

Jennifer started selling items in 2010 but was making them well before that. She made gift baskets for friends and family for Christmas and decided to sell her products. 

Find her fantastic shop Harmony Designs & Soaps on Etsy!


My Interview with Jennifer......

When did you first discover your creative talents or passion for your craft Jennifer?

"When I was a child and did well in art and I loved watching my Mom sew. I love creating, so for me its fun!" 

Could you tell us about some of your work?

"I love to relax so my bath products are perfect. Also, I love the art of fabric folding “Tsunami Kanzashi” and decided to teach myself this art.  I am a minimalist, I love simple one of a kind pieces mixed with a Nature inspiration"

Who or what has had the greatest influence on you, your vision for your shop or as an artist? Jennifer, how do you keep yourself motivated? 

"Nature really inspires me! I just look ahead to the future of my shop and all the great idea’s I can implement. Of course my friends and family believing in me doesn’t hurt!"

How does creating art make you feel? 

"It really makes me feel happy and excited when I am able to make something I may have not thought I could"

Jennifer, give readers a visual of your work space, do you have a workshop an office or do you work from your kitchen table?  How many hours a day or week do you create or spend time on your shop?

"Honestly, my work kind of follows me through the house. If I am in the Kitchen it happens to be the Kitchen table, if I am in the bonus room then I work on the coffee table sometimes. I spend a little bit everyday after my work day, and weekends. In total maybe 20-30 hours a week."

How has your experience been on Etsy? 

"I really enjoy it even though I think there are some areas that need tweaking."

How do you handle the business side of being an artist and shop owner? What’s would you say the hardest part of being an artist or shop owner are? 

"Alot of responsibility and it is very time consuming, so trying to balance the shop along with family."

What has been your most exciting moment as an artist here on Etsy? 

"I love making wedding favors and It makes me so happy to be involved in such a wonderful occasion. I love getting positive feedback on any of my items!"

What are your goals? Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

"My goals are of course more sales but to possible have my very own store front."

What advice if any do you have for new Etsy Shop owners?

"Never give up! It takes awhile to get established on Etsy. I was discouraged at first because I had no sales but once I sold my first item it was a great feeling!"

In closing Jennifer is there anything important you would like us to know about you? 

"I enjoy raising awareness for Cancer. My Dad lost his battle in 2007, so I do try and donate some of my proceeds to this cause throughout the year."

I would like to thank Jennifer for allowing us into her life and shop as well as giving me her time! 

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By: Ashley Faulk

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